Miami International Holdings Reports Trading Results for December and Full-Year 2022; MIAX Exchanges Set Multiple Volume and Market Share Records
Miami International Holdings Commemorates 10-Year Anniversary of the MIAX Options Exchange Launch
Miami International Holdings Announces SPIKES Futures and Options are Now Trading in Penny Increments
Miami International Holdings Announces Acquisition of Dorman Trading, a Full-Service FCM
Miami International Holdings Announces that Webull will Begin Offering Clients Access to SPIKES Options

The market at a glance


Introducing SHIFT, the new search engine helping investors make sense of what's going on in the market.

Track market movements, gain insight on any asset class and make more informed investment decisions within seconds. Finally, a trading tool built from the user's perspective—think of it as the front page of a newspaper curated just for your trading needs.

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It's time to up-tech volatility

Powered by MIAX and built on SPY—the world's most actively traded ETF—SPIKES Volatility Products bring new choice to the market with a transparent settlement auction and lower exchange fees.

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Introducing the MIAX Pearl Equities Exchange

MIAX Pearl Equities is a fully automated electronic equities trading platform that leverages MIAX's technology and infrastructure. The MIAX Options technology was adapted for the unique functional and performance demands of equities trading, which allows us to provide high performance while taking advantage of the scale associated with a system built for options trading.

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