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Management Team

MIAX has assembled a management team of highly respected and experienced professionals from the industry to lead the organization.

Thomas P. Gallagher


Thomas P. Gallagher is one of Miami International Holdings, Inc. (MIH)'s principal founders and has served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors for MIH and the MIAX Exchange Group™ since its inception in 2008. He has been instrumental in sourcing capital, assembling the seasoned industry professionals that make up the team and driving the consortium of key users for the MIAX Exchange Group. He was a founding partner of the law firm Gallagher, Briody & Butler, a corporate and securities law firm located in Princeton, NJ, and was associated with the firm until joining MIAX full time in December 2012.

Since 2019, Thomas has been a director of Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX™), becoming Chairman of the MGEX Board of Directors in June 2021. He has also been a member of the Bermuda Stock Exchange's (BSX™) Council since July 2019, becoming Chairman of the BSX Council in February 2020. Thomas is also a director of MIH's other subsidiaries MIAX Technologies since May 2010, MIAX Products since January 2019, MIAX Global since June 2015, M 402 since July 2020 and MIAX Futures since February 2008. From 2005 to 2014, he served on the Board of Trustees of The Hun School of Princeton and is currently a Trustee Emeritus.

Douglas M. Schafer Jr.


Douglas M. Schafer Jr. has served as Executive Vice President, Chief information Officer and a Director of MIH since March 2011. Working closely with clients and exchange business strategists, Doug defines and manages IT and exchange operations across the entire enterprise, ensuring technology closely aligns with the needs of the business. He has built eight exchange platforms over the course of his 29-year career in the exchange industry.

Since 2011, Doug has also served as president of Miami International Technologies, LLC. Prior to joining MIH, he served in a number of positions with the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX) and as Vice President of Derivatives Trading Systems Development for Nasdaq OMX PHLX.

Barbara Comly


Barbara Comly is one of MIH's principal founders and has served as Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary since MIAX Exchange Group's inception in 2008. As General Counsel, Barbara oversees the legal affairs of MIH and played an integral role in obtaining SEC approval for the MIAX Exchanges as registered national securities exchanges. Barbara joined MIH full time as an Executive Vice President in her current roles in December 2012. She offers over 30 years of legal experience as a corporate and securities attorney, including her role as a Partner at Gallagher, Briody & Butler prior to joining MIH, and as an associate at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP and Shearman & Sterling LLP.

Lance Emmons


Lance Emmons has served as Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer since March 2020. As Chief Financial Officer Lance's responsibilities include the management of internal and external financial reporting, financial planning and analysis, budgeting, tax and treasury functions, billing and procurement. He has over 18 years of exchange and trading firm experience. Prior to joining MIH, Lance served as CFO of several startups including Princeton Identity, and worked at International Securities Exchange, most recently as SVP, Finance and Administration, Controller.

Shelly Brown


Shelly Brown has served as Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning and Business Development since April 2011. He is responsible for business strategy and functionality for the MIAX® Option Exchanges, as well as establishing and maintaining client and industry relationships. Shelly is a seasoned industry professional with over 40 years of options market experience and serves on a number of industry committees including the Listed Options Market Structure Working Group (LOMSWG), Securities Traders Association Options Committee (STA Options) and The OCC's Financial Risk Advisory Council.

Prior to joining MIAX, he served as the Director of Business Management for PEAK 6 Investments, a Chicago-based trading firm, where he was head of options execution. Prior to joining PEAK 6, Shelly held a number of positions in the financial markets including as Associate Vice President at Nasdaq OMX and Vice President, Derivatives Trading Strategy at PHLX, and Manager of Options Trading Systems and co-head of Options Business Development at Susquehanna International Group, LLC. While at Susquehanna, he was a member of the PHLX Electronic Trading Committee and the CBOE Screen-Based Trading Committee. Prior to joining Susquehanna, he was a founder and Managing Director of Risk Information Systems and Consulting.

John Smollen


John Smollen has served as Executive Vice President, Head of Exchange Traded Products and Strategic Relations since July 2015. John brings over 35 years of options industry experience to MIAX. He was a Managing Director for Goldman Sachs, and floor director at CBOE. Additionally, he served as the Member Vice Chairman at the CBOE. Prior to joining MIH, John served as Managing Partner of Quivetneck Capital, a consulting company based in Chicago, Illinois focused on trading, clearing, market making, order flow, routing and trading technology.

Jack G. Mondel


Jack G. Mondel serves as a Corporate Board Director and Executive Vice President of MIH and works closely with MIH's board, Chairman and CEO on strategic initiatives and overall corporate strategy—including business strategy, marketing and general corporate affairs.

As one of the founders of MIH, Jack has assisted in securing various financings over the years in an effort to keep the company's growth and expansion on an upward trajectory. His efforts include crafting the company's corporate focus and team framework and assisting in determining corporate direction as it relates to priorities, profit and value potentials, timing, risk and team continuity.

A seasoned executive with more than 35 years' experience, he has been involved in multiple professional endeavors in various industries including investment and mortgage banking, gaming, automobile financing, real estate and insurance. He has also built and sold several nationwide entities.

Jack served in the United States Army Reserve for six years prior to his Honorable Discharge and served on the national advisory board for GMAC/RFC. He holds dual degrees in marketing and business administration from Rider University and also holds licenses within the insurance, real estate and securities industries, including the Securities Principals License.


Joseph W. Ferraro III


Joseph W. Ferraro III serves as President of MIAX Futures and Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of MIAX Exchange Group. A seasoned executive whose work intersects numerous areas of the company, Joseph's leadership is integral to MIAX's ongoing growth as an industry-leading, multi-asset exchange operator.

As President of MIAX Futures, Joseph helps lead the growth of the company's futures business, with a focus on the development, launch and marketing of new products. As Senior Vice President and deputy General Counsel, Joseph manages the operations of the legal department, leading a team that provides legal solutions to all business groups in the company.

Prior to joining MIAX, Joseph was Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel & Assistant Secretary at ISE Holdings. He began his career at Mound Cotton Wollan & Greengrass, where he was an Associate Attorney in the financial markets group. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Seton Hall University and a Juris Doctor from New York Law School.

Andy Nybo


Andy Nybo serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer at the MIAX Exchange Group where he focuses on all marketing and communications activities for MIAX. Since joining the team in 2021, he has focused on developing the marketing and communications strategy for the company, working to help communicate the company's unique value proposition to stakeholders, media and investor communities.

Previously, Andy served as Managing Director at Burton-Taylor International Consulting, where he led the organization, including managing its research and consulting activities for clients. Prior to that role, he was a Partner and Co-Head of Research and Consulting at TABB Group, where he was responsible for managing the analyst team. He has also held senior positions at MarketAxess, TowerGroup and The Bond Market Association.

As a former analyst covering technology and capital markets, Andy offers deep industry knowledge in areas including financial market structure, financial market technology, front-end trading systems, market data, equity derivatives, fixed income, electronic trading and capital markets. He has a Bachelor of Science from the State University of New York at Albany.

Mark G. Bagan


Mark G. Bagan has served as Executive Vice President — U.S. Futures Strategy of MIH since January 2021 and President and Chief Executive Officer of MGEX since July 2005. Prior to assuming his current role at MGEX, Mr. Bagan was Vice President of Market Administration & Corporate Secretary of MGEX from January 2002 to June 2005. Mr. Bagan represents MGEX in a variety of industry organizations including the Board of Directors of the NFA and the Board of Directors of the Commodities Market Council and formerly served on the Joint Audit Committee, Joint Compliance Committee, Inter-Financial Surveillance Group, the FIA and task forces of the CFTC.

Gregory Wojciechowski


Gregory Wojciechowski has served as President of MIAX Global since January 2020 and President and Chief Executive Officer of BSX since January 2002. Mr. Wojciechowski was the Chief Operating Officer of BSX from 1995 to 2002. Prior to joining BSX in 1993, Mr. Wojciechowski, over a period of several years, held management positions at three large U.S. brokerage firms. Mr. Wojciechowski has been a member of the BSX Council (ex-officio) since January 2001 and is also the Chairman of the Financial Intelligence Agency in Bermuda, and sits on the Board of Directors of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), ILS Bermuda and the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA).

Edward Deitzel


Edward Deitzel is Executive Vice President, Chief Regulatory Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, serving as Chief Regulatory Officer since March 2009 and Chief Compliance Officer since October 2015. Edward administers a regulatory program that is responsible for monitoring member compliance with the rules and requirements of the MIAX Exchanges. He also administers a compliance program and assists the legal, technology and business departments of the MIAX Exchange Group™ with compliance matters. Prior to joining MIH, he held a number of positions in in surveillance at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.

Larry O'Leary


Larry O'Leary serves as Vice President of Regulatory Oversight at MIAX Exchange Group and is responsible for overseeing the regulatory program of Exchange.

Larry joined MIAX in 2012 and works closely with the MIAX Exchange Group's CRO/CCO and regulatory and compliance staff to administer the regulatory and compliance program along with overseeing the company's regulatory services provider in market surveillance, member examinations and all other required regulatory services performed on MIAX's behalf.

Larry brings over 20 years of experience working at SROs to his role at MIAX. Prior to joining MIAX, he worked at the American Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority as a Director in Market Surveillance. Larry's primary focus was managing analysts on insider trading and market manipulation matters. Earlier in his career, he worked at CS First Boston in the block and proprietary trading space. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and Economics from Saint Peter's College.

Harish Jayabalan


Harish Jayabalan has served as Chief Risk Officer of the MIAX Exchanges since joining MIH in August 2011, and as the Chief information Security Officer of MIH since September 2017. As Chief Risk Officer, Harish is responsible for establishing the technology risk assessment, monitoring and reporting framework for the MIAX Exchanges and technology control areas. As the Chief Information Security Officer, he oversees MIAX Exchange Group's information and data security programs. Prior to joining MIH, he served as Risk Manager for Risk Management and SEC ARP compliance at Direct Edge, and as Audit Risk Review Manager at Citigroup.

Matt Rotella


Matt Rotella serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for the MIAX Exchange Group™ and is responsible for directing the development of trading system platforms and related production system operations at MIAX. He also leads research and development for MIAX's trading systems and MIAX® Technologies, providing solutions for trading and automated quality assurance testing. In addition, Matt oversees software development, network architecture and systems operation of trade matching and order routing solutions, proprietary market data feed services, FIX and high-speed quote and binary order entry solutions, and Systems Information Processor (SIP) market data readers.

Matt brings over 29 years of exchange industry experience designing and managing reliable, high-speed trading systems for options, equities and futures asset classes. His areas of expertise include revenue generating technology initiatives, system design and system integration. He also brings comprehensive knowledge on functional and operational electronic trading systems, options pricing systems, order management and routing systems, and market data systems.

Prior to joining MIAX in 2011, Matt worked at a number of exchanges on the software and technology side, including Nasdaq and the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX). While at PHLX, he served as Vice President of Software Development and Infrastructure.

Matt sits on the SIP technology committees for the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA), the Consolidated Tape Authority (CTA) and the Unlisted Trading Privileges (UTP). He currently has two patents, one on systems and methods for testing a financial trading system and another on electronic trading platform and method. He holds a degree in computer science from Temple University.

Randy Foster


Randy Foster serves as Senior Vice President of Business Systems Development for the MIAX Exchange Group and manages the development of middle and back office solutions that support MIAX operations and other market participants serviced through MIAX Technologies. In his role, he defines the technical strategy and oversees software development, delivery and operation of systems that support the exchange's business automation and operations.

Bringing over 20 years of experience to MIAX, Randy is a proven technical architect with extensive experience in application architecture and integration, project management, business analysis and software development. Throughout this career, Randy's focus has been in designing and delivering high-impact software solutions that address direct business needs with a focus on innovation, automation and operational efficiency.

Prior to joining MIAX, Randy served as the Director of Technology at Nasdaq. Throughout his career, he has worked with prominent industry leaders, including Automated Financial Systems and Sapient Corporation.

Randy first joined MIAX in 2011. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Antonio Goncalves


Antonio Goncalves serves as Director of International Capital Markets, Global Alliances and Strategic Clients at the Miami Exchange Group, in addition to holding senior positions at financial technology companies, including AGHILL LLC, Devexperts dxFeed and LukkaTech.

Before joining MIAX in 2014, Antonio was Managing Director for Latin America at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for 10 years, where he had the opportunity to work in some of the continent's most relevant technology initiatives at exchanges, brokerages and with buy side clients.

Prior to NYSE, he worked for Siemens AG in Lisbon, Munich, Boca Raton, Silicon Valley and Toronto, helping to launch fintech services across three different continents. He subsequently headed the Siemens U.S. trading and dispatch division in New York for five years.

Antonio holds a graduate degree in electrical engineering with expertise in numerous fintech categories, including exchanges, retail and institutional brokers, wealth management automation, next generation electronic trading execution, high performance data analytics, high frequency trading, new digital/crypto instruments, index creation and automation, and big data solutions. He is also a visiting professor at Columbia University and elite Business School CESA. He is fluent in eight languages, a frequent speaker at international conferences and a published author.

Amy Neiley-Avayou


Amy Neiley-Avayou serves as Senior Vice President of Trading Operations and Listings for the MIAX Exchange Group™ and oversees front line customer support for all market participants including testing, connectivity, system functionality, configuration and trade support at MIAX. She also leads the end-to-end testing effort of all business functionality and is responsible for the MIAX Listings department.

Amy first joined MIAX in 2011 as Vice President of Trading Operations and Listings before expanding into her current position. Prior to MIAX, Amy served as Director of Market and Trading Operations at Nasdaq where she was responsible for the trading floor and all trade, system and listing support for the Nasdaq OMX options markets. Additionally, she worked at Group One Trading LP as Trader Assistant on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, and later as Operations Manager where she supervised a team of operations associates responsible for providing trade support services to options traders on the American Stock Exchange and International Stock Exchange.

Amy received a double major Bachelor of Science Degree from Drexel University in business and administration, and finance and international business. She also served as the Inventory Supply Control Manager for the United States Marine Corps for almost four years.

Joseph Bracco


Joseph Bracco has served as Senior Vice President and Head of Sales for the MIAX Exchange Group since 2015. Joseph manages sales strategy and member relations for MIAX® Options and MIAX Pearl®. In his role, Joseph aims to build trust and client relationships with bulge bracket banks, sell side brokers, automated market makers, hedge funds, institutional asset managers, analysts and ETP issuers.

With over 30 years of experience in sales and trading in the derivative, cash equity and fixed income markets, Joseph brings a deep knowledge of financial markets across multiple asset classes to his role at MIAX.

Prior to joining MIAX in 2015, Joseph worked at BATS Global Markets, Inc. for nearly eight years where he held several prominent sales and strategic relations roles. He also served as senior vice president of sales at Cantor Fitzgerald/Tradespark, and the managing director and U.S. treasury bond swap broker for Euro Brokers Inc.

Joseph has been an active member of the STA Market Structure Analysts Trading Issues Committee, which educates its members on market structure issues while representing their interests with legislators, regulators and other industry associations. Over the course of his career, he's spoken on industry market structure and advisory and regulatory panels, including BATS IAC, OIC, ICI, Trader Forum, Markets Media, MFA and STA. Additionally, he holds licenses in series 7, series 24, series 55 and series 63.